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Blacklight it's the network of journalists where you can create your portfolio, collaborate with your peers and work with media around the world!

Blacklight - Be the Revolution

Blacklight is the network of journalists where you can create your portfolio, collaborate with your peers and work with media from all over the world!

Who are we ?

A platform Engncaise

Born from the idea of two independent journalists, Blacklight is the only social network to highlight your journalistic work, your networks and your Professional skills, to share them in one click.

Our mission ?

Make the work of journalists easier!

In order to improve the living and working conditions of journalists, the creators of Blacklight have created ane app that brings together in one place portfolio and community

With Blacklight:

  • Create a profile that you looks like
  • Meet some thousands of journalists, around you and around the world
  • Ride some projects in common, investigations, documentaries…
  • Share your portfolio with the media, clients and press agencies during your job searches
The Industry Needs You

Your personality, your job, your background
On a Unique Portfolio.

With your Blacklight portfolio, show all your work as a journalist
Gather your articles, videos, photos, professional experiences, references, diplomas, appearances, contests and all your social networks on a single page.

run and gun content

A complete portfolio
In 5 minutes

Import your Linkedin experiences in 3 clicks

Upload your content to social media instantly

Your references, your media
all on one page

Integrate your articles, photos & videos from your social networks

Licence your content to thousands of media companies

Your Blacklight page
Your link to send to the media

Blacklight is your portfolio, your network and your professional email

Receive contracts from media companies

Work remotely
without any borders

Works for media around the world with simplified contracts


Blacklight is a platform that facilitates the work of journalists, which allows them as much to list their work and their professional experience on a single portfolio as to get in touch with professionals from all over the world. 

Yes, Blacklight is the first social network reserved for journalists. On your profile, add your articles, photos and videos. Via your mailbox, contact journalists around you or around the world. Create projects, share your experiences and expand your network by sharing your Blacklight link.

With your Blacklight link and QR code, you can send most of your work to hundreds of media outlets, clients and news agencies. No need to add dozens of links to your emails, Blacklight takes care of highlighting your skills.

The Blacklight platform is completely free, only certain pro features require a subscription. 

Blacklight Hub will be available to the public from February 2023. 
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